Send 20Gb File

How to Send 20Gb File: Best Ways

You can send a file to someone over the Internet in a variety of ways, and anyone who does it chooses the most obvious way – send it by email.

Cloud Transfer as One of the Best Ways of Big Files Sharing

If you need to send someone a large enough file, then you may encounter a problem that, for example, you cannot do this by email. In addition, some online file transfer services provide these services on a paid basis, in the same article we will talk about how to do this for free and without registration.

Another fairly obvious way is to use cloud storage such as Yandex Drive, Google Drive, and others. You upload a file to your cloud storage and give access to this file to the right person. This is a simple and reliable way, but it may be that you do not have free space or desire to register and deal with this method to send a file of a couple of gigabytes at once.

Answering the question how to send 20gb file this way has a number of advantages and disadvantages:

  • To send a file, it must first be placed on the storage server, and this is not always convenient, it takes time and sufficient free space.
  • In conjunction with mail – good integration and the ability to simply give access to the file to third parties, or put it in the public domain.
  • The cloud services themselves offer a tool to view and edit some files.
  • In the case of Mega, encryption is default and the key is transmitted in the link to the recipient.
  • The file is available while it is in the cloud.

The Best Apps to Share 20GB File

These are the best ways to transfer large files at the moment. Try each one and choose the best one for you. Some services are in English, but the interface for transferring large files is so clear and simple that everyone, even a person who does not know English, can figure it out:

  1. Volafile.

Volafile is a file transfer service that kills two birds with one stone. If you need a way to send large files to multiple recipients at once, then stop there. Volafile is easy to use with consistent criteria throughout the design and development of products, as well as preparation for proficiency review and certification.

  1. pCloud.

Uploading a large pCloud file is a fairly straightforward process. As with Volafile, pCloud Transfer does not impose file type restrictions. You can upload files of any extension. If while using the service you do not want to light up your mail, then you can enter any fictitious email address. It doesn’t affect anything. Mail is used only for notifications.

  1. IT Security.

Consumers view IT security qualification as a method of determining whether an IT product meets their needs. Typically, these requests are based on the results of the risk analysis performed and the selected security policy. Uniform criteria play an essential role in the process of forming consumer requests since they contain mechanisms that allow these requests to be formulated in the form of standardized requirements. This allows consumers to make an informed decision about the use of certain products. Finally, the criteria provide consumers with a Security Profiles mechanism through which they can express their specific requirements without worrying about the enforcement mechanisms.