Start Using a Board Conferencing Tool Today for Better-Executed Board Meetings

Board meetings are a necessary form of communication for collegial bodies. Thanks to modern technologies, providing a company with a reliable, collaborative service is not difficult. A profitable solution is to connect a board conferencing software. Here is more about it.

Board meeting software – a new business reality

Many old-school executives prefer face-to-face communication and distrust modern Internet technologies. But in vain. The format of online meetings and conferences has been around for a long time and has proven to be effective. Moreover, the pandemic has made adjustments and even hardened local leaders are forced to switch to an online format and master remote work. Therefore, many organizations move their communication into the virtual format with the help of digital solutions. 

So, what is board portal?

Board software functionality 

Board meeting software is a full-packed interactive tool that allows collegial bodies to provide communication to geographically remote interlocutors using video, audio, and communication technologies. The platform provides integrated solutions for the technical support of various events in a virtual environment. These solutions are based on a single platform providing additional services and the required level of information security.

For businesses, the tangible benefits of board conferencing software include secure collaboration and cost savings. This form of cooperation allows board members to avoid business trips, renting premises, and many other costly organizational issues: saving time and money is obvious. The other benefits include more effective non-verbal communication exchange meetings and a stronger sense of community between business contacts. On a personal level, face-to-face cooperation enables board members to develop a stronger sense of knowing people they may never meet in person.

The board portal can automate the following tasks during board meetings:

    • coordinating the date and time of the meeting with its participants;
    • determination of the list of meeting participants;
    • the possibility of collective discussion of agenda items;
    • sending notifications (invitations) to meeting participants by e-mail;
    • fixing the course of discussion and decisions taken on the agenda;
    • automatic generation of meeting minutes with the possibility of sending them for approval.
    • automatic generation of tasks based on decisions made at the meeting and distribution of tasks for execution;
    • generating reports on the status of open issues with their submission for consideration by the project committee;
    • distribution of the minutes of the meeting by e-mail to participants and interested parties;
    • providing performers with access to meeting materials related to the assignment;
    • tracking the implementation of the decisions of the meetings.

Board portal: how to organize document management?

In addition, the functions of board software include fixing documents in a unique database, which is expressed by filling out a document card. The contents of the document card may vary depending on the current situation in the organization. The structure of the documents recorded in the database is based on the so-called nomenclature of cases.

The system generates the meeting minutes taking into account the data entered by the secretary, and sends him a task to check the document. Further, the protocol is sent for approval and registration, after which the assigned employees receive the tasks set at the end of the meeting. The system allows you to control the implementation of tasks set due to the meetings. In the case of periodic meetings, before each subsequent meeting, the system will search for previous minutes and generate a list of outstanding tasks.