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Protecting Your Business Sensitive Data with Next-Gen Access Controls

Protecting Your Business Sensitive Data with Next-Gen Access Controls

Minimize the risks of business disruptions and ensure that your organization and its data are protected at all times and under all conditions. Check how to protect your sensitive data with the next-gen access controls in the article below. The main features of next-gen access controls for business security Success largely depends on the effectiveness […]

Start Using a Board Conferencing Tool Today for Better-Executed Board Meetings

Board meetings are a necessary form of communication for collegial bodies. Thanks to modern technologies, providing a company with a reliable, collaborative service is not difficult. A profitable solution is to connect a board conferencing software. Here is more about it. Board meeting software – a new business reality Many old-school executives prefer face-to-face communication […]


Amalgamation Vs Merger Comparison

A merger is where two or more business entities combine to create a new entity or company. An amalgamation is where one business entity acquires one or more business entities. Why Should You Choose Amalgamation Over Merger? This amalgamation enables manufacturers, based on the analysis of consumer requests, to determine the set of requirements that […]

Send 20Gb File

How to Send 20Gb File: Best Ways

You can send a file to someone over the Internet in a variety of ways, and anyone who does it chooses the most obvious way – send it by email. Cloud Transfer as One of the Best Ways of Big Files Sharing If you need to send someone a large enough file, then you may […]


Datarails Review

DataRails is a financial solution designed for SMEs that turns manual monthly and quarterly reporting processes into automated ones. The Functional Requirements of Datarails Datarails technology security criteria are the first information security standard that defines three independent groups of requirements: functional requirements for security controls, requirements for development technology, and the qualification review process. The […]