Datarails Review

DataRails is a financial solution designed for SMEs that turns manual monthly and quarterly reporting processes into automated ones.

The Functional Requirements of Datarails

Datarails technology security criteria are the first information security standard that defines three independent groups of requirements: functional requirements for security controls, requirements for development technology, and the qualification review process. The authors of this standard first proposed the concept of a Security Profile – a document containing a description of all security requirements both for the IT product itself and for the process of its design, development, testing, and qualification analysis.

The safety functional requirements of Datarails are well structured and describe all aspects of the operation of the TSv. The development technology requirements first introduced in this document encourage manufacturers to use modern programming techniques as the basis for verifying the safety of their products. Requirements for the proficiency review process are general in nature and do not contain specific methodologies for testing and researching the security of IT products.

The developers of Datarails have abandoned the approach to assessing the security level of an IT product on the basis of a generalized universal scale of security classes. Instead, an independent ranking of the requirements of each group is proposed, that is, instead of a single scale, a set of private criteria scales are used that characterize the provided level of security. This approach allows developers and users of an IT product to choose the most appropriate solution and to accurately determine the necessary and sufficient set of requirements for each specific IT product and its operational environment.

Datarails standard considers the elimination of flaws in existing security tools as one of the security objectives, along with countering security threats and implementing a security model. This standard marked the emergence of a new generation of guidance documents in the field of information security, and its main provisions served as the basis for the development of the criteria for the security of computer systems and the common criteria for the security of information technology.

Experiences and Strategies for Safety with Datarails

Unified criteria of datarails review maintain compatibility with existing standards and develop them by introducing new concepts that correspond to the current level of development of information technologies and the integration of national information systems into a single global information space.

The unified criteria were developed with the expectation of meeting the needs of three groups of specialists who are equal users of Detarails: manufacturers and consumers of information technology products, as well as experts in qualifying their level of security. Stakeholders can define the security functionality of a product using standard security profiles and choose a security assurance rating from a set of seven escalating security assurance ratings from 1 to 7:

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